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Professional Series 13.56MHz Card / Fingerprint Reader

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The ACRDR-2SFC is a professional access control reader. It is capable of granting access via RFID card and registered fingerprints, recognising up to 3000 stored fingerprints with incredible accuracy.

Product features:
ƒ?½ Stores and recognises up to 3000 fingerprints
ƒ?½ Gain access via RFID or fingerprint scan
ƒ?½ Use with Door Access Control series for multiple units
ƒ?½ Connect and configure with PC via ethernet cable
ƒ?½ RS485 and Wiegand 26/34 protocol
ƒ?½ Elegant, glossy black finish for professional appearance
ƒ?½ Tamper switch triggers loud alarm, deterring removal
ƒ?½ LED indicators and backlights for low light visibility
ƒ?½ Indoor use only

Weight0.22 kg
Dimensions56 × 135 × 0.22 mm

4 Years

VIP Vision ACRDR-2 Series Datasheet (PDF)

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