Ultimate Series 8.0MP Infrared Long Range Motorised Bullet (7~35mm lens)
Ultimate AI Series 8.0MP Motorised Bullet
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Professional Series 2.0MP Thermal Hybrid Fixed Bullet

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By combining traditional image & thermal sensors, the VSIPTC2MPFB2 hybrid thermal camera redefine your expectations of surveillance. Enhance images with Image Fusion thermal overlay, achieve excellent motion detection accuracy, setup thermal perimeters using IVS, and detect fires before they start, all in a compact weather rated body.

Camera features:
ƒ?½ Stream up to Full HD/1080p (1920 x 1080) at 25fps
ƒ?½ 2.0MP standard sensor & 4mm lens (80¶ø view angle)
ƒ?½ One IP address/channel for thermal & visible images
ƒ?½ 35m infrared range, digital WDR & ultra DNR
ƒ?½ Superb low light capability in colour, up to 0.005lx
ƒ?½ Uncooled VOx thermal sensor (256 x 192 pixels)
ƒ?½ 3.5mm fixed lens for thermal camera (56¶ø view angle)
ƒ?½ Detects 8~14׬m wavelength infrared spectral range
ƒ?½ Adjustable modes & alarm output for fire detection
ƒ?½ IVS functions, audio I/O, IP67 rated body & PoE

Weight1.9 kg
Dimensions366 × 176 × 1.9 mm

4 Years

VIP Vision VSIPTC2MPFB2 Datasheet (PDF)
VIP Vision Smart Fire Prevention Solutions (PDF)

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